How does the DayWave Relaxation Assistant work?

Dissolve stress at your computer

  • Gentle reminder to take deep breaths
  • Synchronize your breathing
  • Customizable transparency, shape, color, and rate

DayWave Relaxation Assistant displays a soft, slow moving object anywhere on your desktop, above all your applications, to help deepen your breathing when you feel tense. It’s a visual metronome of sorts. Adjust the object to make it blend with your desktop environment or make it stand out in an obvious way. Use it as your personal rescue tool for tension.

Why does the DayWave work?

Take a few deep breaths, improve your health

  • Invoke your relaxation response
  • Return nervous system to balance
  • Focus on the task at hand

DayWave enables you to reduce tension from computer work using the most effective stress relief technique known, deep breathing. Countless people use this ancient relaxation secret. But very few use it at the computer prior to DayWave.

Breathing in a slow, deep, and easy manner is the only way to deliberately moderate the involuntary nervous system without the use of drugs. Improved breathing causes positive changes throughout the entire body reaching nearly every cell.

DayWave is perfect for high pressure environments, because it enables you to lose tension without losing time. It can be used for as little as 10 seconds or as long as you wish, whenever you are stressed. It serves as a gentle reminder throughout the day to follow the old adage “take a few deep breaths”.