Sleep more. Stress less.

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Eliminate Workplace Stress with DayWave

Stress and anxiety at work can drain you of energy and affect your personal life outside of work. When you work at a computer all day, one of the easiest ways to reduce stress is through deep breathing. DayWave Relaxation Assistant is a subtle graphical computer program that guides your breathing patterns while you work, reducing workplace stress and tension. It’s safe, effective and simple enough to benefit you within seconds of use.

Fall Asleep Fast with NightWave

Getting enough high quality sleep directly affects your quality of life. With your busy schedule, the easiest way to get more rest is to fall asleep or fall back to sleep more quickly. The NightWave Sleep Assistant is a 100% natural solution that uses your body’s relaxation response to solve problems falling asleep. NightWave is a more effective alternative to sound machines. With nothing to ingest, it is a natural alternative to prescription sleep medications and over the counter remedies. And best of all, you only need to buy NightWave once!