Hear what customers have to say about DayWave

Dissolve stress while you work

  • Reduce tension
  • Overcome fatigue
  • Lose your stress without losing time

“DayWave is a constant reminder to me as I’m working to sit erect and do slow belly-breathing. I am now more relaxed, and no longer get stressed out. It really has done wonders. Nice job, all.”

“I really have benefited already, I did know that deep breathing was excellent, but we forget. Isn’t it incredible that when you take the stress away and relax through this breathing, that your perspective on life changes too? Thanks again for bringing breathing back to my attention.”

“Thank you! I really like the breathing reminder. I even visualize it when I am away from the computer. It is a very good idea.”

“I’m already — surprisingly — following the image while I work without doing so consciously. Nice!”