“This is a wonderful, wonderful product, a miracle product. I weighed 102 lbs. as a result of Lupus and cancer. My bones hurt and I suffered from difficulty falling asleep. Before using NightWave, I was not able to sleep at all during the night or day. But right after I got my NightWave, I was able to fall alseep every night. And unlike before, I can now relax enough to nap during the day… This is truly a gift from God.”

Mrs. Lucy-Ann Greenway – Ottawa, Canada

“I was totally amazed with the results of this product. I had been taking sleep-aid medications for five years. Within three days of using NightWave, without any pills and within three minutes, I was sound asleep. I was so delighted when after two weeks I no longer needed NightWave. I have gifted this to my parents and am hearing the same thing from them.”

Devra Jacobs – Magazine Editor

“I received the NightWave from a friend and I have been using it for just over week. I have had great difficulty in falling asleep – busy mind, etc. But with NightWave, after a seven minute session, it is uncanny – now I fall asleep as soon as the light goes off. Incredible device and invaluable to me. I will recommend it to others, Thank you.”

Milton S.sleepcompass.com