How do NightWave and DayWave work?

Reduce Stress, Sleep More. Sleep More, Reduce Stress


People often ask us: Does stress cause insomnia or does insomnia cause stress? The answer is yes. But with NightWave and DayWave the question becomes irrelevant. Both are tackled simultaneously.

The truth of the matter is that stress, sleeplessness, pain and frustration are all linked…in a vicious cycle. And that cycle must be broken.

DayWave and NightWave give you back control of your life by gently guiding you in short relaxation routines when you need them most…when you are at work and when you are trying to fall asleep.

Both  help you invoke the well-known biological phenomena called the Relaxation Response. This response is the counter-balancing nervous system reaction to the Fight or Flight Response. We all learn about fight or flight in biology class, but we don’t learn about the counter-balancing mechanism for returning the body to a state of homeostatis.

The Relaxation Response is your body’s mechanism for preventing a state of constant overdrive. With DayWave and NightWave, you learn to use it to your advantage. It’s as simple as that!