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Relief from Anxiety Induced Sleeplessness

“When I turned on the NightWave that first night, I watched its soft, blue light reflecting on my ceiling. As the light grew larger and smaller, I felt my breathing start to calm down and my eyes getting sleepy. I dozed off – but woke up again after a few minutes. It didn’t seem to be working for me, but I gave it one more try. I turned it on again – and again watched the calming blue light grow large and small and felt my breathing fall into the same easy rhythm. Next thing I knew; it was morning! I’d had my first good night’s sleep in months.

After three weeks of peaceful nights, it felt like my body’s rhythms were reset. When my granddaughter came to visit us, she was nervous that first night and had trouble settling down. I turned on my soft, blue light for her, and we both relaxed and fell asleep.

Now that I’m sleeping again, I’ve had enough energy left over to pursue a lifelong dream. I’ve writen a series of books for other grandparents to read to their grandchildren. Someday (soon) I hope to have those books here on too. NightWave helped me to have sweet dreams – day and night.”

Relief from Chronic Pain

“Since having an accident which resulted in constant pain, I have had a constant problem falling and staying asleep. I had used a sound machine to help, but the results were not consistant. The Nightwave unit works very well for me. When I first tried it, I used the long program, but I found that I did not need it. I use the short program and find that I fall asleep very quickly. If I wake up during the night, I have found that if I just use the Nightwave breathing techniques, without moving and turning the unit back on, I am able to fall back asleep. After going without a good night’s sleep for almost 4 years, the Nightwave Sleep Assistant has been wonderful. If you have trouble sleeping, try the Nightwave Sleep Assistant. It sure works for me.”

Relief for Children Having Difficulty Getting to Sleep

“My seven year old daughter used to stay up much longer than her bedtime, sitting on her bed trying to fall asleep. She would be tough to wake up in the morning and was in slow motion until she got to school. We agreed that she would read the instructions and use Nightwave to help her fall asleep. She was into it. The first night she tried Nightwave, it took about twenty minutes for her to fall asleep, which was much faster than the hour it normally took. The second night it took about ten minutes for her to fall asleep. Its been that way every since.”

Relief for the World Traveler

“As a former airline pilot who has lived a life of jet lag and interrupted circadian rhythm, I was very interested to hear of and try the NightWave. This product works in 3 ways: it projects a soft, slowly pulsing blue light which, 1) draws your mental focus, to the exclusion of unwanted distracting thoughts, and, 2) acts as a cue for breathing slowly, monotonously, from the diaphragm, which slows you physically. The third effect is, 3) it hypnotically lulls you asleep with your eyes open. As it slowly grows dimmer and brighter, the light tells your brain your eyelids are drooping closed – you really can’t tell the difference – until they really are. It tricks your brain! Has a 7 minute cycle that auto shuts off. The 25 minute cycle I’ve never tried, nor needed. I’ve also heard that this device has been clinically demonstrated to lower blood pressure. I have bought a NightWave for all my relatives. It’s that good. ”

Relief from Episodal Pain

“After going through shoulder surgery recently, I needed to get off the pain pills that were very addictive, although they helped me get a good nights sleep. I didn’t want to use over the counter sleeping pills, they become less effective over time. I came across this product doing an internet search. Although I thought the price to be somewhat high for something that just emits light, I was desperate to get a good nights sleep. I have now conditioned myself, it’s as if my mind sees the light and knows it’s time to sleep. But because I’m in pain, there have been times where I’ve awaken at night, so I just turn it on and usually I’m sleeping again. I like that fact that this product is silent, turns off automatically, and is portable, battery operated, no wires. For those who want more information, NightWave has a website, and they are on YouTube. This isn’t a magic pill, I’m sure it will not work for everyone, but it’s been a great help to me personally. Good Luck and Good Night!!”

Relief from a Racing Mind

“I have always been a light sleeper who had trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. It generally takes me more than 60 minutes to fall asleep and I never sleep through the night. I was leery about taking Ambien or other prescription sleep meds due to the side effects, and the OTC stuff (Tylenol PM, etc) just don’t help. My problem is that I can’t get my mind/thoughts to slow down enough so my body can truly relax and drift off to sleep.

I read about the NightWave in Prevention magazine, checked out the company’s web site, and figured it was worth a try, particularly since a money-back guarantee was offered. I was skeptical, but decided it couldn’t do any harm.

I started using this product three days ago with modest expectations (particularly for the first few nights). I was completely blown away by how immediate the results were for me. I could barely keep my eyes open through the shorter 7-minute cycle (this is from a person who usually tosses and turns for an hour–if I’m lucky!). I did wake up once during the night, but I found that my mind was still calm, and falling back asleep was not a problem. This product has literally changed my life in 3 days—I have felt much more energetic in the morning because I’m getting a good night’s rest, and I am relaxed when I go to bed because I know that my thoughts won’t be racing and keeping me awake. Absolutely amazing product. ”

Relief from an Fruitless Remedies

“I have been dealing with insomnia for as long as I can remember, but since I’ve had kids its gotten to the point that I feel like I can’t function. I’ve tried everything (unisom, ambien, “sleep training”, etc.) and I still could not get enough sleep. All I can say is that this works. It took about 3 nights of the 25 min program, (didn’t sleep for the first 2, but definitely felt more relaxed, and not stressed about the fact that I wasn’t sleeping yet) After that I switched to the 7 min program and would fall asleep before that even ended. Now, a few weeks later, I don’t use it at all, and I sleep from 12-6 every night. That hasn’t happened in at least 6 years for me. I wake up feeling refreshed and competent without drinking even one cup of coffee, I can’t even believe it myself. Stop taking pills, drinking coffee, and stressing out and try this out! It sounds dramatic, but it will change your life.”

Relief from Hard Core Insomnia

“After years of suffering from lack of sleep (difficulty falling asleep as well as staying asleep), I began taking light sleep medications prescribed by my doctor, a specialist in her field. They did not work and, eventually, I was taking a heavy dose of a couple different doctor prescribed medications. At one time, my doctor said I was “the most difficult sleep case” she had ever treated.

My mother-in-law saw this product in a magazine and thought about me – thank goodness! My father-in-law also struggled with finding sleep due to some medical issues he had been experiencing. So, my mother-in-law purchased one for me and one for my father-in-law. For both of us, within a week of consistently using the product, we were at last able to fall asleep quickly.

The NightWave is easy to use. In fact, my daughter, age 5 at the time, had a very difficult time falling asleep as well. She slept in my room at the time I received the NightWave and after explaining how to follow the blue light with her breathing, I found her falling asleep much faster. It had such an impact that my mother-in-law purchased a NightWave for her as well.

While I can’t say I’m completely off of all sleep medications, I can say that the NightWave has allowed me to drastically cut back. It has been an “amazing product” for me and my family! Thank you, NightWave!”

Relief from Anxiety Induced Insomnia

“I consider myself a pretty good sleeper, and don’t suffer from regular insomnia. On most nights, I’m tired enough that I’m out before I have a chance to turn off the TV. My sleep challenges arise when I have something important to wake up for – those moments that are stressful or anxiety-inducing like early flights, big work meetings, athletic events (marathons, races), etc. When I go to bed worried about waking up on time or nervous about something, I have a horrendous time falling asleep, and often lie in bed staring at the ceiling.

I purchased a Nightwave hoping that it would help me easy into a nice sleep during these moments and help me focus on sleeping rather than worrying about falling asleep and waking up. Since my purchase, I’ve used the Nightwave on these types of nights with great success. It’s helped soothe my way to much better sleeps. Last year when I ran a marathon, I couldn’t fall asleep til about 3AM – this year, I was out by 10 and woke up fresh and ready to run. I now bring the Nightwave on business trips and find it much easier to sleep before big meetings, even in less comfortable surroundings. Thrilled I bought this product…it’s been a godsend.”