“At my client’s suggestion, I took the NightWave on my last trip to Australia and used it as a means of adjusting to the sixteen hour time zone change. To my utter amazement, it worked both during my stay in Australia and on my return to Michigan! I’ve since taken it with me on a recent trip to Paris. Again it worked perfectly, not only for me, but also for my husband. I can’t speak highly enough of the sleep device. It has so impressed me that I have started recommending NightWave to clients who are traveling to the GLORIOUS South Pacific.”

Karen Hardy Hodgson – President, Australia 2000 Travel – Birmingham, Michigan

“I used NightWave on my trip to Australia and four cities across Asia. It helped me get into a sleeping rhythm and adjust to the various time zones faster. The ability to sleep is important when changing time-zones frequently. I will definitely take this with me on future overseas trips and use it at home when I need it.”

Barry Robertson – Management Coach and Consulting Executive

“For nearly three decades as a military and airline pilot, I suffered from sleep deprivation. I felt tired all the time from commuting to work, crossing time zones and having my circadian rhythms chronically disturbed. This made my work and home life more difficult and less fun. In fact, my sleep issue was one reason I left the job I loved and the career I always wanted.

But my difficulty sleeping didn’t go away after retirement. Thankfully I’ve now discovered NightWave. It helps me calm my thoughts and get to sleep. On nights when I wake up at odd hours, I just use the NightWave. It puts me back to sleep without disturbing my wife. I just wish I’d had one during all my years of flying. What a difference it would have made!”

Bruce Smith – Retired Airline Pilot – American Airlines

“For a guy like me who travels, has to sleep in strange beds, with important next day meetings looming, NightWave gives me confidence that even if I wake in the middle of the night, I can go right back to sleep. What a relief that is!”

Tom Swan – Oklahoma